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Nov. 29th, 2013

So my parents are having the bathroom redone, and right now it's all gutted with just the shower remaining. Makes for fun times. Randomly contractor guy decides we need thicker insulation, okay, no big deal, but whhhhhy would you remove the current stuff and not put new stuff in for like a week when it's all like in the teen degrees these nights.


First world problems yo.

Bought too many things online today, and nowhere near enough of it is not for me. Whoops.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, or an okay Thursday, depending on where you live. Now, the hustle to Giftmas.

Brought to you by 1998...

and the fact that damn I miss being 14 when life was simple.

Amazon recommended "Running Home" to me so I went on a Kristian Ayre web search just cause, hey stuff is easier to find now than it was 15 years ago. (I feel SO OLD NOW).

Managed to find all the New Ghostwriter Mysteries on youtube. Yay, never got to watch it back then since it didn't air in our area. Strangely.

Alas, first real age-appropriate crush. <3 Still crushin lol.


What about you guys? Old crushes, new crushes? Ones that have withstood time?

May. 8th, 2013

Fuckin finally I can eat food again, kind of. So back to work, but shit I should've taken another week because I am still too exhausted. Who knew sitting at a desk for 8 hrs a day is so hard when you're only consuming 300 calories.

Saw the doctor Monday, and everything is looking great. Yay. And I can eat pudding, yogurt, oatmeal, and mashed potatoes. Friday I can add in scrambled eggs, tunafish (and other canned meats hmm) and super cooked and mushy vegetables.

Then a week later I can have ground beef and poultry etc. No breads or raw fruits until like June.

I've gotten to catch up on lots of TV, and read a lot.

Still love: Revolution, Supernatural, Arrow, uh... other stuff.

Meh: Doctor Who, though I am super psyched for this week's episode since it's by Neil Gaiman. Hopefully it will be good.

New and lovely: Agent Anna, and The Blue Rose (both Kiwi shows with Outrageous Fortune alum. OF btw had a shit ending. The whole sixth series was well shit really). Oooh and Orphan Black. Very good. Confused about British accents in Toronto a bit. Are they kinda prevalent?

Um... thoughts about Dragon*Con in a few months. Excited. And eep travelling. It's been awhile.

Also thoughts of the not-awesome kind about people I've reached out to, who have stopped talking to me without giving reason. Like, I hate that. Want me to eff off, okay, but let me know. Without reason I dwell and go nuts. No bueno.

This weekend: Iron Man 3, and uh... oh Mother's Day. One of two of my obligatory Scrabble games of the year. Not so big on board games, but my mum's obsessed. Oh well.

Apr. 3rd, 2013

This is a thing I started to write last week, but failed to continue/finish on account of general failure and some major anxiety in life. I still have goals of posting.

Goals are good. Achieving them is better, but erm, well, it's a start.

Good thing this isn’t real Lenten dependent on anything because I fail at goals. I knew this, but eh try anyway. So let’s see. Watching lots of TV, catching up on some stuff weekly, falling behind on others. Very behind on The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, and gave up on Revenge. Caught up on Arrow and Supernatural. <3 If Arrow could not pull a Smallville, it’d be amazing. Still sad about Oliver Queen being not Justin Hartley BUT have warmed to this other guy.

Have mainlined Call the Midwife and Bomb Girls first seasons. LOVE THEM BOTH.

Year to date, have read 22 books. Recommend: And All the Stars by Andrea Host and The Liar Society trilogy by Lisa and Laura Roecker. Both very different and interesting and easy reads. Do not recommend Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and whoever else. Blah Twilight with witches. Too long for what it was as well. Like, the way it was written and even plotwise, I felt it should have been more concise. Also not Delirium and Chemical Garden trilogies. YA Dystopia is my jam yo, and I have yet to find a standalone or trilogy that holds up. Everything either just sucks, or has good building, build up to events and then just …................... meh ending.


I know, more reason I need to write one. Oh to be back in the mood. For writing, or sewing, or anything really. :-/

Most importantly I finished A Storm of Swords before new shows. YEAH GAME OF THRONES GDHHDIOWHFFFWYREWIF JSDVUIOHV SO EXCITED.

Okay I wrote this 2 days ago ha. Back now! Nice break to find out about the Veronica Mars Movie Project Kickstarter fuckyeah! Movies shot for cheap and in people’s spare time can be awesome *cough* Doctor Horrible *cough* so I am totally for it. The fact that it made it’s $2 million budget in one day(11 hours really)... yeah. This is the future.

And back to the actual future or present or whatever, omg it's April. Shit son.

Basically um aaaah Game of Thrones!!$%^&* etc etc...

Any questions? Thoughts?


Feb. 5th, 2012

Things I had to do this weekend:
Clean the bathroom
Vacuum my room
Pay some bills

Things I actually did this weekend:
Watched "In Time"
Dyed my hair pseudo-successfully
Watched many episodes of "Power Rangers"


Sep. 25th, 2011

Already behind on TV, but so far:

The New Girl, Zooey is adorable obv. I get a little secondhand embarrassment from her, but I'll still watch it until maybe it becomes too awkward.

Unforgettable, keeping. I like Poppy Montgomery and it seems interesting.

Prime Suspect, fuck yes this is awesome. This clearly must mean the UK version is even better since Helen Mirren is fierce as fuck. Should watch that too.

Person of Interest... meh. Give it the 3 episode try.

Fringe, I've missed you. I'm sad you barely used Joe Flanigan. He has potential, though I approve of lack of pants. Also, if the places merged I thought the credits should be purple. Ya know red and blue makes it. But, orange... mmm okay. Mostly I'm confused by wtf is going on, not so unusual. The merging is like... so everything changed except there are 2 Olivias and 2 Walters? I... or the only play the worlds meet is that building then right since there were the 2 skies? I like how this show requires my full attention, but even then stuff is hard lol.

And then the usual other still watching stuff.

Aug. 29th, 2011

Has no power.

Has no internets.


Dragon*Con in 3 days \o/

That said. Saturday, super late Vortex dinner! Mmmm cheesy tots and exciting drinks. Who's in?

I cannot tumblr at work :-(

Need my internets back at home. *whine*

Aug. 2nd, 2011

Hey you guuuuyyyyyyys,

30 days until fannish things, lovely people, some serious cheesy tots, art acquisitions and uncomfortable heat. Okay well it's hot here too but Atlanta is always nice and disgusting.

Was planning on getting my next tattoo this week, but I'm kind of super poor and can't reasonably justify it. Also, I need a pedicure before I can let some poor tattoo artist near my foot. :-/

Work: Ugh. I want a cool job.

Health: Ugh more. Skin gross. Mood meh. Meds up after minor incident.

TV: Intake upped since Degrassi started. <3 Also loving Falling Skies and True Blood of course, even with it's so far from the books storylines.

Books: Inhaling young adult stuff as a break from ASOIAF. So many words.

Oh and I have lucked out getting into Pottermore by just waking up for work. w00t. I feel kinda bad after seeing people stalking the page lol. Anyway my username is ProphecyFelicis143 ... now to just wait for that letter.

Jul. 17th, 2011

Erratic posting is erratic.

Lab lost my blood and failed to get the tests done. Yay for inconveniences! Have to do it all again.


Looking at MFA Creative Writing programs despite the fact that I'm kinda sure I can't get in ha. Writing I think has hit the bottom of it's downward spiral of nothingness.

Blah blah life is hard.

*puts on helmet*

Saw last HP movie. Liked it a lot. Alan Rickman ilu. Always. Did not like the woman next to me who proclaimed, "OH he's Harry's father!" during the pensieve scenes. Er... no.

Much love for Narcissa. HBIC Mother right there.

Sewing to do. Cleaning to do. Same stuff, different day. My sister needs to stop telling me I'm turning 30 in a month (i'm not) because it's freaking me out.

I really want a large fruit salad, but without me having to do the prepwork.

Still trudging through A Clash of Kings. So many words.

Tried to do my parents a favor and get a dogsitter for Todd and... then they decided to kennel him. I just don't even *hands* Apparently the initial cage concern is gone, or just being ignored. Whatever. Don't know why I bother. I just get so upset after, even if it's not a lot of legwork because well wtf.

I'm just going to continue to hide in my hole. Come out for work unfortunately. :-/

Jun. 26th, 2011

So let's see. What's going on. Bought my plane ticket for Dragon*Con. Read some more. Watched more TV. Realized the cat is afraid of thunder, which makes me sad because I don't know how to convince her it's okay. Got tickets to the 3:10AM Harry Potter show. Yeah, I know right. Wake up, go see the movie, go to work. What a day.

Medical blah blah I am a messCollapse )

We'll skip the other psychological portion of our show today. Too much.

I'm addicted to Ice Road Truckers. These guys are crazy. OOOH AND all seasons of Power Rangers are all streaming on Netflix. My life is complete as I watch every season I missed since Lost Galaxy. I am mostly lame, I know.

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